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Easy Live grading setup

Our live color module can be add it to the existing data wrangler module or be operated by itself. Carrying two professional IS-MINI LUT boxes, this station can handle any number of cameras on set.

With just 1 minute to setup, this ultra lightweight on-set grading solution have ready custom SDI inputs and outputs to be connected and controlled from its own video switcher.

You can monitor the live signals right into its built in Waveform, Vector scope, Parade, Audio or Histogram.

Not only your laptop computer can be transported inside the shock proof flight case, but you can also carry a tangent element tk control surface, giving you all the tools that you need for a professional color grading on set.

Powered by the great color grading softwares like Pomfort's LiveGrade, Assimilate Scratch or Davinci Resolve, you just need to connect the colored signal that comes out of the station to any OLED or color grading display.